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Liberty County in Georgia is a small place of huge historical importance. There is an outnumbering list of historical places to visit, and historical lovers should not pass by this place. It presents a real gem of the historical picture in the USA.

Bacon Fraser House

It is built two years after Hinesville was founded. It is situated on the eastern boundary of the town, and it rests on Savannah brick piers. Plantation plain style represents a real work of the best craftsmen of the day. It is only building that survived the early Hinesville’s settlement period. Sherman’s army assaulted the plantation with looting and burning. House was spared, but the other parts like barn and outbuilding were destroyed by Northern troops.

Flemington Presbyterian Church

Built in Greek revival style and made mainly of yellow pine it is founded on a brick pier foundation. Its bell is originally from Midway, Georgia. Floors are made from pine and walls are plastered, and it contains three original mahogany chairs way back form 1887. Its gallery on the second floor was used by slaves and later by freed men.

Liberty Armory Site

Liberty ArmoryThe oldest cavalry company in Georgia is known as the Liberty Dragoons and later the Liberty Independent Troop. The soldiers of Liberty County reorganized themselves into a troop of cavalry returning from the Revolution. Since that time this military company has been engaged in every war, this country was included. They had a great role in France in World War I, then also in World War II in New Guinea. Some of the most colorful tournaments and remarkable parades of the Old South take place at this armory site.

Midway Historic District

Is consisted of 20 acres surface on which you may find the Midway Museum, Midway Congregational Church and Cemetery and the Old Sunbury Road taking its history all the way from the 18th century. The church is a large historical point made of wood, and it is built to replace an earlier church. This earlier church was burned by the British in great Revolutionary War. Museum presents typical 18th century raised cottage in a modern reconstruction and Old Sunbury Road is built during the early years of Georgia’s statehood. On the cemetery are buried some notable Georgians like Senator John Elliott and Congressman and Governor Nathan Brownson.