Jack M. RiddleI come from a small but unique community on the coast of Georgia called Liberty County. I find it as a very interesting destination for a multitude reasons. Starting from nature lovers, over historical interests to people that just want to enjoy some peace while passing through. This County offers some unique views. As I left my place to finish studies I came back with the great luck of finding a job that I love in a place that is always in my heart. As being more aware of this connection and a fact people know almost nothing about this County I decided to start a blog to spread a few words.

People always strive to visit some huge, million people cities and capital places while there are outnumbering small places with great stories and bigger souls. One of these is Liberty County in Georgia. Starting from great history stories that include some great people, over historical places, rich nature points to interesting places with great food and recreation options. Sometimes we all need just a moment to collect our thoughts, isolate from everyday distractions and take a deep breath. Liberty County in Georgia presents a perfect solution no matter you need an educative experience, active vacation or peaceful escape from everyday stress.